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How to pick your wedding venue?


Picking The Right Wedding Venue First Time

Deciding on the wedding venue is always a tough decision for both bride and groom because no matter how alike they are, they will have differences in this phase of wedding planning. Picking a perfect wedding venue is based on what price, location, and facilities you want. So to ease the trouble of picking a wedding venue, one can get help from the following most important tips to put things into perspective.

*Location- Number one thing is to decide on location. The location should be based on whether you want to have an indoor or outdoor wedding. Also the present climate of the location and whether or not your entire guests can attend your wedding at the location decided.

* What’s your budget? – Usually wedding venues are a big part of the budget. Therefore, It is must organize and prioritize your things on your wedding planning list. So if you are more willing to spend well on the wedding venue than make sure you ask about inclusions of chairs, table and tents etc.

* Guest list- No matter how small or big your wedding guest list is, keep in mind that not everybody on the list shows up. So it is always better to book the hall accordingly. For example- an enormous ballroom for 200 or so guest is the best option.

*Beware of hidden fees- Many wedding venues add extra hidden fees in different forms, so it is better to make sure you clear everything about extra costs so that they don’t fool you.

*Bar or no bar ?-  Most weddings have bar either open bar or cash bar. So if you plan to have a bar than re-budget the venue cost. And if you wish not to have a bar than there are a lot of venues that do not allow alcohol on their premises.

*Photography- Will you be having a wedding photographer or will it be a friend doing the pictures?How will the venue look with you in the pictures. Does it have a nice back drop. Is there room to get all the family in.

Lastly, think and discuss again about the venue with your partner and if you both come to a full agreement about it then there is no more need to visit other locations.


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